stills photographer – fashion, architecture and interior design

Editor – “The Fourth ran” TV drama series, 15 chapters (broadcast at Channel 2 israel)

Director – “Game of Life” Melodrama (broadcast at Channel 2 israel)

photographer and Editor – “Operation Moses” Documentary Film, co-production

France / Israel (broadcast on Channel 3 and 5 French, 95 minutes)

Editor – “Moments” short drama film, 20 minutes

Director and editor – “feel at home” – a documentary film, 50 minutes (broadcast on Channel 2 israel) participated in Jewish Film Festival in Paris and Canada.

Director and photographer – “Parpar1″ – a documentary film, 50 minutes.

Director – “clowns yard” – a documentary film, 24 minutes

Director and photographer – behind the scenes of 6 Feature Films

“To take a wife” “7 day” “Live and Become” “Lirkod” “Love Life” ”Noodle”

Director and editor – music video for israeli bands and singers

(broadcast on Channel 24, the israeli music Channel)


* I was also involved as a photographer/Director/ Editor/Creative in many productions for TV, film,

Advertise, music performances and more….